Can You Install Metal Roofing Over Existing Shingles?

When it’s time to replace a roof, homeowners often wonder whether they can install new metal roofing over their existing shingles. This question arises from a desire to save time and money by avoiding the labor-intensive process of tearing off the old shingles. In this article, we will explore the possibility of installing metal roofing over existing shingles, the advantages and disadvantages of this approach, and the important factors to consider.

Can You Install Metal Roofing Over Existing Shingles

Pros of Installing Metal Roofing Over Shingles:

1. Cost Savings:

  • One of the most significant advantages is cost savings. Skipping the tear-off process can reduce labor expenses and disposal fees for old shingles.

2. Time Efficiency:

  • Installing metal roofing over shingles is a faster process compared to a complete tear-off, which can be beneficial, especially in cases where weather is a concern.

3. Energy Efficiency:

  • The layer of shingles can provide additional insulation, potentially increasing the energy efficiency of your home.

4. Minimal Disruption:

  • Installing over existing shingles minimizes the disruption to your daily life, as it generates less noise and debris.
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Cons of Installing Metal Roofing Over Shingles:

1. Weight Considerations:

  • Adding a metal roof on top of existing shingles increases the weight load on your roof structure. Ensure that your home’s structure can support the extra weight.

2. Reduced Lifespan:

  • The new metal roofing’s lifespan may be affected by the condition of the underlying shingles. If the old shingles are damaged or deteriorating, this can reduce the longevity of the metal roof.

3. Roofing Profile:

  • Installing over existing shingles can create a “bumpy” appearance due to the shingles’ texture, potentially affecting the metal roofing’s aesthetic appeal.

4. Trapped Moisture:

  • Moisture trapped between the old shingles and the metal roof can lead to corrosion over time if not properly addressed.

Important Considerations:

1. Roof Inspection:

  • Before making a decision, have a professional inspect your existing roof to assess its condition. If the shingles sustain severe damage or if the roof deck becomes compromised, a tear-off may become necessary.
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2. Building Codes:

  • Check your local building codes and regulations, as they may dictate whether you can install metal roofing over existing shingles.

3. Underlayment:

  • If you proceed with installation over shingles, use an appropriate underlayment to minimize the risk of trapped moisture and provide a smooth surface for the metal roofing.


While it is possible to install metal roofing over existing shingles, it’s essential to carefully consider the pros and cons and consult with a roofing professional. The decision should be based on the condition of your existing roof, your budget, and your long-term goals for your home. Ultimately, proper installation, adherence to local building codes, and attention to potential issues like trapped moisture are crucial to ensure the durability and performance of your metal roofing system.


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